What To Expect at Your Session: Photo Shoots During the Time of Covid-19

It goes without saying that almost every industry is going to shift the way they operate. After the lockdowns from the pandemic lift, and business re-open, we will be seeing new rules and regulations for almost everything . Photographers will also have to re-adjust, and especially those like myself that seek to create connection and emotion based family photography. So you might be wondering ‘How is this all going to look?’

Mask wearing:

Obviously clients won’t be running around with masks on during sessions, but I plan on wearing one. I will keep my mask on for the duration of my sessions, and I will wash it in between to keep all my clients as safe as possible. I have ordered some cute masks with attractive colors and patterns that will be inviting for kiddos to make them feel comfortable. I will also be doing a lot non-verbal talking with my eyes :].

Longer Lenses:

Photographers usually have a few lenses in their camera bag. Each sense serves different purposes. So allow us to zoom in to get detail, others allow a more panoramic view. While lots of these lenses have specific purposes, pulling out those lenses that allow more distance between me and my subjects will be the ones that I choose for the next little while. This may not be the most practical way of shooting, but it will be the safest for the time being.

More Verbal Communication:

When I direct my clients to sit in a certain way, put a hand in a certain position, or fix a stray hair I’m usually standing there right beside you. Often I’m placing you in the way I want you to go, straightening clothing, or physically moving a child. I’m anticipating a little more verbal instruction, which might make the session a little longer, but I am positive will yield the same results.

  • Wearing a protective mask to each session.
  • Using longer lenses to create distance.
  • Utilizing more verbal communication.

If you have any concerns about booking a session please feel free to reach out, and I’d be happy to put your mind at ease! If you have any inquiries about getting on my calendar I would love to see you soon!

Family Photographer, Chana Grossman, Stands with her three boys outside in the forest


“Carrots grow from carrot seeds, I planted one to grow. I watered it, I pulled the weeds. Carrots grow from carrot seeds.” –Ruth Krauss

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